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Montclair Cyclists

About the Montclair Cyclists

Montclair Cyclists was conceived out of the desire to have a place for the local cycling community to come together and ride.

There is no fee associated with joining the club.

Ride descriptions

Rides listed below are held weekly April through October, and are suspended due to wet roads or temps below freezing.

Rides are self-supported by Montclair Cyclists members 

The Saturday and Sunday group rides will have regular routes to ensure that everyone on the ride knows the route. Ride times and Days are listed on the website calendar.

 A GPS of the route that is downloadable will be available on

Saturday and Sunday rides will follow one of the listed routes and the ride leader will determine which is best, based on participant's interest, weather, time of year, etc.

The weekend shop rides will be broken out into three levels of rides as participation demands:

A, B, C 
A rides are 50+ miles with speeds in the mid to high 20s
B rides are 35-50 miles with speeds in the high teens and low 20s
C rides are approx. 35 miles with speeds in the low to mid-teens.