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Routes and Rides

These are the common routes we use for Saturday and Sunday rides and also for the club races.

Interested in being a ride leader, Here are the Ride Leader guide lines:

As a grassroots cycling club, member-volunteers are important to ensure the continued success of the rides and related club activities.

A ride leader, is responsible for the tone of the ride, pace, and route. In addition, as an ambassador of cycling (which ride leaders should aspire to be) you should be conscience of the participants, their efforts during the ride, and their enjoyment of the ride.

Montclair Cyclists rides are considered no-drop rides, so ride leaders should know how many riders start and finish. A head count at the beginning of the ride is necessary. Should participants fall off the back it’s incumbent upon the ride leader to either go back for the rider or to designate someone to get them. In addition, the ride leader should regroup the ride, so everyone is back together after someone has dropped off the back.

Riders may choose to leave the ride; they should let the ride leader know their intentions before they break off.

Pre-ride talk:

  • Welcoming to new riders.
  • Announce route, pace, estimated time of return.
  • Clarify the no-drop policy as well as rider’s responsibilities as noted above.
  • Pre-ride rider count.
  • Set the pace at the beginning of the ride (It’s not always necessary to be on the front, but to make sure whom ever is on the front is riding at the appropriate pace.)

Ride in organized fashion: 

  • double or single file.
  •  Stopping at lights and stop signs.
  • No swarming cars when stopping; keep the double file line up at the stop.
  • Calling out Road obstacles and sending the call up or down the group.
  • When on the front, be aware of the riders behind you and control the pace to keep everyone together. Communicate your intentions.
  • Tone of the ride is important, communicate it throughout the ride (as necessary) and stick to the plan. i.e. maintaining the pace and tempo of the ride to ensure smooth cohesive group ride.

Should you have any questions, please reach out to Tami or Dave at the shop  / 973-744-7252