Meet the Montclair Bikery Staff

Dave Adornato - Owner

Dave Adornato - Shop OwnerDave owns the shop and is passionate about cycling and racing. He gets a thrill from seeing people of all ages enjoy cycling in all its' different forms.

Dave's passion for cycling began as a teen seeing his father compete in a triathlon. Throughout his teens he raced in triathlons alongside his dad, Frank.

Upon graduating from college with a journalism degree, cycling took a back seat to pursuing a career as a photojournalist.

At 30, Dave took up the sport again. He began riding and racing with the Montclair Cyclists at the Montclair Bikery. Little did he know that 10 years later he would own the shop, fulfilling a lifelong dream.

Tami Furman

Tami Furman - Floor ManagerTami is the floor manager at the shop and instrumental in the development of the women's cycling community in Montclair and beyond.

She organizes and leads many rides out of the Montclair Bikery that have introduced local women to group riding. Montclair is a community service oriented town and Tami is a leader of this network of compassionate people.

Among her many accomplishments are the Montclair Bikery's Turkey Ride, Vacamas Charity ride, and Cycle for Survival.

Exercise and healthy living are intergral part of Tami's life. She has a master's degree in nutrition and is a lifelong vegetarian.

Alex Grossman

Sales Associate

Javier Mereles

Javier MerelesJavier or Javi as he's known to his cycling friends lives and breathes bikes. Not only is he an accomplished mechanic known in the shop to fix some of the toughest problems, but he's a masterful bicycle racer having won over 20 races in the course of his racing career both on the road and the velodrome.

When he not at the shop repairing bikes, he's on the local roads training. You may have seen him. He's the guy with all the lights on his helmet.

A native of Uruguay, Javier will ride his bike great distances to indulge in culinary favorites from his homeland. Sixty miles is no problem to treat the shop employees to Pasta Flora, jam tart, which he purchases at his favorite bakery in Warton, NJ. He's been known to ride his 100 gear inch fixed gear bike out there too for some of his favorite BBQ.

Next time you see him on the road, say hello!


Riley is the shop's resident bicycle fitter. Having always had a passion for how things work, Riley became interested in fitting after being poorly fit on his own bike. This experience set him on a journey where he has become certified by Specialized BG Fit, Bike Fit Systems, and Slow twitch. Riley is also an accomplished Ironman Triathlete and volunteer for the EMT squad in his home town



Anthony is a sales associate who's passion for cycling began after a former life in the music industry left him overweight and wanting to get healthy. His brother, a semi-pro road racer at the time, gave him a bike and as the old cliche goes, the rest is history!


He now competes avidly in both road and cyclocross disciplines but he enjoys all facets of riding. He takes particular joy in seeing others of all ages get bitten by the cycling bug, just as he did.

Anthony also has developed a passion for bike fitting and is a Body Geometry Fit Specialist. 

He doesn't particularly like pina coladas, but doesn't really mind getting caught in the rain.

Ken McPherson

Service Manager - Ken has worked at the Bikery for 6 years and has served as the service manager for 3. His passion for cycling began as a child. “I remember the first time I rode without training wheels. My father pushed me down a hill in Colorado Springs and then had a smoke. Parenting was just different back then.”

Ken worked as a bike messenger in Washington DC and San Francisco in the 90’s. That experience taught him that focus and execution in conjunction with accepting one's limitations, are only new foundations in which to excel. Ken then moved into the graphics and printing industry but never lost the love for cycling. “I can’t remember life before riding a bike. It’s ingrained in me and I welcome the opportunities to be a part of helping someone else realize the spiritual and physical wonders of the sport."

PJ Santos

Mechanic - Perry/PJ is a service technician who bought a road bike his junior year of high school and subsequently fell in love with fixed gears by his sophomore year in college. Upon finishing his undergrad studies in Psychology, one of his close buddies offered him his first job at a bike shop. Since then he found his home at the Montclair Bikery. Though fixed gear is his first love, he wants to try road racing with the guys at the shop.